13 Best Sober Dating Apps 2023 Find A Real Relationship

The co-founder and CEO of the app, MJ Gottlieb, 49, knows firsthand the struggles of looking for love while living a life of sobriety. With a history of substance abuse, Gottlieb first tried to kick his addiction in the late ’90s, but relapsed again and again before finally getting sober in March 2012. Passing out drunk while looking after an ex-girlfriend’s five-year-old son.

Additionally, Hinge offers a range of other features that make it a popular dating app. Dating can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be challenging for those who are sober. Going on a date with someone who drinks alcohol can be uncomfortable for someone who doesn’t drink.

If you are determined to find someone to spend time with, you can do so on any dating app. With bigger sites like Match, you can see a larger group of available individuals in your area, giving you more options to choose from. Some sober-specific dating sites are not as active as Match and eHarmony, making the dating pool a lot smaller. Another great thing about eHarmony is that you don’t have to worry about the intentions of the people you are connecting with. Most users are ready to take the next step and find someone they’ll spend serious time with, building a relationship and experiencing new things together.

Common Issues when Coming Up with Alcohol-Free Dates

But how specifically does drinking—or not drinking—affect your dating life? If you’re single and looking for romance, but worried about putting yourself out there without leaning on liquor, you’re not alone. Navigating the already-tricky terrain of modern romance can be especially difficult for the sober community.

It may be trickier to meet people and find love in recovery, but it’s not an impossible feat. I quit drinking in 2015 and started sober dating in 2016, so I’ve certainly had my own share of alcohol-free dating experiences. BLK was created by the Match Group in 2017 to provide a more nuanced environment for Black people who are online dating, according toPaper. “Black women are considered the most ‘disliked’ on dating apps,” head of marketing and brand, Jonathan Kirkland said. Asking someone if they drink or use drugs isn’t the smoothest icebreaker. Dating people in your recovery support groups or from drug rehab can be a bit taboo.

However, it took research and one failed app to nail down what exactly queer womxn want. The app is designed to be a habit breaker and to show you how your habits affect other aspects of your life. Within the app, you can track milestones, meet goals, and see how much money you have saved along the way. Nomo was born from a passion project but continues to be a great app that people enjoy. The interface is easy to navigate and has one of the highest rates for the best sobriety app across android and ios devices.

One sober millennial tackles the challenges of dating online without alcohol

There are sessions for sleep, anxiety, positivity, stress reduction, and to help slow breathing. There are free sessions available, but if you want to go deeper, you can sign up for a subscription to unlock access to all of the mindfulness exercises. The monthly premium cost is $11.99 per month, or you can sign up for a yearly subscription for $7.99 per month. This app features hundreds of easy-to-follow guided meditations, as well as soothing music, prayers, and 12-step recovery audio. This app can help you make meditation a habit in your recovery process and features a meditation timer, calming sounds, daily inspiration, and a way to layer sounds and make your own audio mixes.

Couples can join the app together and singles can sign up on their own, and it’s open to all sexual orientations and gender identities. The app creates the perfect environment for couples and thirds to find one another. Since everyone on the app is at least remotely interested in a nontraditional arrangement, you can cut through the awkwardness and figure out whether you’re actually compatible. Hornet is an app that centers on queer people looking to date other queer people. You may not have time to focus on dating seriously if you’re more concerned with your sobriety.

In recent years, app developers have been busy creating recovery resources that are available at our fingertips. Recovery apps can play a powerful role in helping someone maintain sobriety, while sober dating apps provide a tool for healthy socializing within the recovery community. Having easy access to these types of sober support networks adds just one more layer to the important continuing care piece of recovery. Although Hinge isn’t a sober dating app, it’s great for sober singles who want to get into online dating.

In this article, we’ll take a look at date ideas where you don’t need to consume alcohol, as well as some common issues when coming up with alcohol-free dates. “I realized it was the single best thing I could do to improve my life,” he says. Apps like Love In Recovery, Single and Sober, and Step Match, all help individuals looking for a sober date find someone they may be interested in. At times you may have felt pressured in a date to fit in and adapt to what everyone else in the room is doing, even though you know it would compromise your recovery. Those very situations often lead to a continual cycle of guilt and shame that come with actively trying to be in recovery, but also wanting the chance to freely date.

When you share your stance on alcohol, do it in a loving and non-judgmental way of other people’s decisions. At EliteSingles, you do not have to worry about the frustration of sifting through endless data of faulty matches exactly who aren’t about the same page whenever you. By submitting this form you agree to terms of use and privacy policy of the website.

Exclusive to the app is also the dating feature that can be turned on when you feel ready to find a great sober single to share life with. The dating feature takes away the unnecessary stress that other about Geek2Geek dating apps hold around drinking and bring a more comfortable feel for sober singles to meet up in alcohol-free locations. As “the dating app that’s designed to be deleted,” Hinge has lots of devotees.

Still wondering Where can I meet the women besides bars and clubs? However, there are a few venues that are favored by all sobers. While some addicts are able to cut this behavior off once theyve gone through a treatment program, some carry this manipulative behavior into their post-addiction relationships.

While risks exist in any type of relationship, knowing how you have previously reacted in relationships prior to being sober can help you navigate away from unhealthy habits and negative behavior loops. Letting someone know that you are sober might give you a good idea of their personality based on how they react, so it’s like a win-win. Being in control of yourself is way more appealing than being inebriated on a first date, but learning how to date while sober is a challenge of its own.