Pre-Construction Planning

We understand you want a seamless church construction process that will not overwhelm your staff or congregation. With the right planning, you can perform due diligence on an undeveloped site, new building, or existing building and eliminate budgetary surprises.

Our transparent, collaborative team at TrinityTek can help you accelerate your ministry with reliable, budget-friendly church pre-construction planning and management. We start with a needs assessment, give budget consent, and develop a schematic design.

Benefits of Pre-Construction Planning and Management

Churches by Trinitytek combines ministry and construction experience to provide Christian Leaders with the following benefits:

Hassle-Free Construction Planning

Enjoy the process of your vision coming to life while we handle all the details, including communications with local governing officials and sub-contractors.

Ministry-Minded Partner

We take care of zoning regulations, site development, subcontractor certifications, licenses and permits, and material and subcontractor warranties so you can focus on ministry.


We focus on working within your budget to offer you the best outcome for the greatest value.

Church Construction Management

TrinityTek Offers complete construction management for the entire duration of project lifecycle. Typical Church Construction Management Process looks as below:

Church Design-Build Process

What Is the Design-Build Process?

The Design-Build Process, also known as “design-construct” or “single responsibility,” is a system of contracting in which one entity manages the architecture, engineering and construction—all under one contract. In the church design-build system, the architect and construction contractor work together as a team.

How Is It Different?

There are two main approaches to construction—the one-team “Design-Build” process, and the more traditional, two-team “Design-Bid-Build” process.


The traditional process requires two companies—an architect and a construction company. This can be complicated as churches must:

  • Act as a go-between
  • Manage communications
  • Wait on companies to coordinate efforts
  • Try to keep the project from going overbudget—a common problem in this approach


In the Design-Build approach, the architect and builder belong to one company. Churches receive an all-in-one experience that:

  • Eases the burden of overseeing the project
  • Promotes a smoother, more organized team effort
  • Makes communication easier
  • Helps keep the building project on budget

Our Design-Build Process

What distinguishes the church design-build process is the source of responsibility, combining both architect and builder into one entity. This allows the church builder to assign actual numbers to the drawings throughout the design process and provides the owner with a more accurate “picture” of realistic project costs.

One option for a design-build system is to identify a company that offers both architectural and construction services. Another option is to find a company which is willing to work with another company to provide the design-build concept. Regardless, design-build is a very attractive option for the owner as it allows the team to value-engineer the project throughout the design phase. This ultimately saves the owner both time and money.

– Solutions’s That Provide End To End Project Deatils –

Ensure your church / Institution gets the best possible building for your budget.



Schedule a Consultation

Simply Start an ongoing conversation with us. We’ll listen carefully to understand your needs and budget constraints.



Get an Accurate Scope & Budget

After a thorough evaluation, we’ll deliver a
complete scope of work and budget so
you know exactly what you’re getting.



Complete Your Project

We carefully manage your project from
start to finish to ensure it stays on track,
with information and interactions.



Expand Your Ministry

Enjoy a church facility that enhances your experience, strengthening
your congregation and expands your

Church Construction Consultant

As experienced church construction consultants, TrinityTek serves churches by overseeing all facets of your church construction project. As church designers and builders, we are involved in each project from planning through completion.

Our church construction consultants work with the architects during planning and design to provide for a better end result at a lower cost. And the daily working relationship with the project architect assures the owner of good quality construction. The benefit of being a construction consultant is we have your church’s best interests at heart and we work for you to bring your building project:

  • within budget
  • the highest quality
  • and on time!
  • Our services as a church construction consultant provide complete oversight of all aspects of the design and construction process including:
  • competitive bidding of all subcontracts and reviewed with the Church committee
  • preparation and responsibility for all contracts
  • supervision of tradesmen and subcontractors
  • provide continuous inspection
  • weekly meetings for project status and issues
  • control and report the schedule and budget
  • monitoring payouts

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