Strange but true: free loan from social security

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Strange but true: free loan from social security

You know the old joke about the three accountants at the job interview? They ask the first one what is two and two – he says %26quot;4%26quot; and they say %26quot;thank you%26quot;; they ask the next one – he says %26quot;22%26quot; and they say %26quot;thank you%26quot;; they ask the last one and he says %26quot;what do you want it to be%26quot; and they hire him.

The rate they use is based on the number of people collecting unemployment. As you know, many unemployed persons cannot collect unemployment. People looking for their first job, those who were illegally employed or employed less than six months and cannot find work, those who quit, who have been looking for over 78 weeks, those who were fired for a reason, those who left due to illness, those who don%26#039;t comply with all the little rules regarding availability and active search, the disabled and those who were not employed for 30 days at their previous employer aren%26#039;t counted. It also doesn%26#039;t count underemployment and those whose spouses work or have money and just don%26#039;t want to go through the hassle,

Not all, of course, but many, if not the majority, walk this program down

I am not a statistician and don%26#039;t want to do the research, but I%26#039;ll guess that you must multiply the jobless claim rate by two. This is because in times of high unemployment, more people will look for more than 78 weeks and drop off the radar.

Still, our unemployment rate is historically low, so there are at least 12 million illegal aliens and at least that number of others working %26#039;off the record%26#039;

I know plenty and they are just moochin

I dont see how these numbers are fake when theres multiple reports that have these but we all know the media is republican right? HA|||its a true 9 percent.. im on the front lines, im in sales, i hear it all..|||The statistics are misleading. If you don%26#039;t get a job in a certain amount of time or your unemployment benefits expire, you are removed from the official unemployment list.

But you%26#039;re still out of work. Except to the statisticians.|||Well one example of how wrong the official unemployment figure is that online payday loans in HI once you are unemployed for over 6months you are considered unemployable, therefore not a part of the unemployment statistic, also if you just entered the age to get a job and haven%26#039;t found one yet, or if you can only find a temporary/part-time job, etc.

Sadly, I think the scariest part is that our household incomes are 1.3% less than they were 30years ago after factoring in inflation except now we have 2 adults bringing in a household income (not just one.) Woohoo for voodoo economics!|||It is not the Republicans, it is the unemployment number for public consumption, approved by the govment, and it is total BS. The number is always much higher. The program is XX weeks of unemployment compensation and when it ends abra-cadabra you are no longer unemployed. It is assumed you have been employed whether correct or not. You are simply not counted anymore.

The whole program should be trashed. How many people do you know that wait till the very end of the %26quot;unemployment compensation%26quot; period and then and only then, start looking for a job, content to hang out and get paid to do nothing?

|||It doesn%26#039;t matter they used the same method when Bill was in office and his nimbers were higher. |||the number is much lower than it was during Clinton%26#039;s years. If you studied the subject you would know that there will always be unemployment. People will always be getting fired, wuitting, moving, companies closing, etc. so there is always a percentage of people out of work. That being considered unemployment is very low and has been for most of Bush%26#039;s terms.

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