This is the kind of stuff that the pharisees would argue for during the time of Christ

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This is the kind of stuff that the pharisees would argue for during the time of Christ

Our KING should be given the respect due Him and there should be no compromise, after all, It is the KING of Kings that we honor

Thank you Father for your wisdom and guidance. This is a timely piece for me to read. Last weekend on the great Feast of Corpus Christi, our wonderful and holy priest gave a powerful homily on the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. All of my children (ranging in age from 9 to 20) were so touched by his homily and yet we were all dismayed by what was going on during the Mass on this solemn feast day. A young woman approx. 18 read the first reading in a mini skirt and the skirt was hidden behind the lecturn so the affect was she looked to have no pants on. This was followed up with two young women, again approx. 18 years old, coming up to the altar to distribute Holy Communion ( yes, I know a whole other topic) one girl was in shorts the other in a mini skirt. How are people to believe that God Himself is on our altars if this is how we reverence Him? I was so sad and so offended for Him. It did spark a lively discussion on the way home in the car which resulted in all of us trying to discern what we could do to help our parish in this regard. We did make a committment to being an example of ‘how’ to dress and to praying for our priest to be able to speak online payday loans in NY on this subject.

I can’t disagree with any of your clothing suggestions. What really scares me is seeing what adults wear, it looks like they are going to a bar or nightclub.

Parents need to give serious thought to the example they are setting for their children and priests should step up to the plate and be more vocal about expectations.

It’s not enough to spell out what we should be doing we also need to hear what isn’t acceptable. Good job!!

One family comes in with three late teenage girls. They dress with tank tops, shorts, and other inappropriate clothes which I find rather disgusting. When we go to church, we are placing ourselves in the presence of a KINGmon dignity and courtesy should dictate that we dress accordingly.

I think we not only need to come up with a dress code but a general code of conduct for behaviour when at Mass or for that matter when inside the house of God.

During the summer months I see people in church dressed in various fashions, some of which are inappropriate to say the least

I am literally disgusted and I mean disgusted how people of all ages act in Church. Talking and sociallizing before, after and during Mass seems to be the norm. I find it it difficult to pray the church before and especially after Mass because of all the all the talking and socializing that goes on inside the church. I’m shcoked at how people act as they walk up the aisle to receive the Body of Christ…….chatting with with others in line in the pews as they walk by, giving people high fives, people going up to Communion chewing gum, people laughing and joking all the while on their way to receive the greatest gift Christ gave us. I hate to say this but I don’t buy the line some give that we don’t know what is truly in these hearts as they go to receive the body of Christ. I doubt these people and probably a lot more then just these people believe in th true presence of Christ in Communion. I’m sorry but if I was a Priest I would chastise these people before I would offer them the Body of Christ.

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